My Dad died a while ago, and my Mum before him, so I am now in possession of a number of cardboard boxes filled with family things.

I expect I’ll eventually get through them but so for I’ve managed just one or two. From one came a little stack of recipe books bought during various school fundraisers.

These two recipes – for Roast Head of Pig and Roast Opossum – are from the charming 1970 Waharoa Kai Mana Recipe Book, which was created by the Waharoa Primary School PTA to raise funds for the school and sold for NZ$0.50 at the time.

First, select your pig’s head according to size of oven. Place head in your baking dish – clip off ear tips (so they don’t start a fire in the oven). Cover well with beef dripping and bake at about 350 degrees….


Roast Opossum Recipe 1970