This is why Webstock rocks

I’m at Webstock (2009) and I’m sitting across the table from a guy who built the BBC’s iPlayer and customisable homepage, next to the manager of NZ On Screen and listening to US journalist and blogger Annalee Newitz talk about how science fiction gives us vocabulary and a frame of reference for emerging technologies.

Earlier today I heard from Derek Featherstone about how difficult the web is to navigate for people using screen readers and about some of the strengths and shortcomings of TV via Russell Brown.

Yesterday I heard first-hand about the highs and lows of managing online communities from Flickr community manager Heather Champ and Fray founder Derek Powazek, saw art created by programmers via Cameron Adams and learned about feedback loops in science, nature and business from Nat Torkington.

I was impressed down to my shoes by Adrian Holovaty talking about, interested to hear about the Guardian‘s goals for participatory journalism from community experience director Meg Pickard, and genuinely moved by some of the collaborative creativity shepherded into being by Ze Frank.

And that’s less than half of it.  This is an outstanding conference.

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