Top-watched online videos in 2013: comedy, educational, and how-tos

One in four US adult internet users has uploaded a video online, according to the Online Video 2013 report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. One in five has posted a video that they created themselves. The top-watched categories are Comedy, Educational and How-to videos, followed by Music. Forty one per cent of …

Kinetic type in video journalism

I enjoyed this post from Lauren Rabaino on 10,000 Words about the use of kinetic type in video storytelling and how it can be used in journalism. “There’s huge value in being able to tell a story that people will read all the way through– from start to finish– and then share with all their …

Hot metal: old films about how newspapers were made

There’s something irresistible about the old print industry footage kicking around on YouTube. These are from the 1950s. Making a newspaper Perfect if you want to know what ‘the stone’ looked like and where the term proofreading came from. ‘Public opinion in a Democracy’  

Country Calendar still hits the mark

Country Calendar must be one of the few New Zealand media institutions that truly count as ‘iconic’. The weekly programme, which casts light on NZ farming, hasn’t looked back since its launch in 1966 and the current theme tune must be one of the most readily identifiable sounds for any Kiwi. This clip gives a glimpse of what the programme used to look, and sound, like.