Paul Lewis on two persuasive examples of the value of crowdsourcing news

A couple of persuasive examples of the power of crowdsourcing in journalism from Guardian Special Projects Editor Paul Lewis. He talks about how Twitter and other social media helped him find witnesses to the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during riots in London and track down passengers on the aircraft Jimmy Mubenga died on […]

‘A New York Times story is tweeted every 4 seconds’

New York Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger gave a speech a few days ago at Polis LSE, which Charlie Beckett kindly posted in full. In it, Sulzberger talks about why the NY Times (which recently said it now has 325,000 digital subscribers) is engaging with its readers. The main Facebook page of The New York Times […]

RSS is great – if you speak English

I got a bit of a reality check at the GIMD journalism conference I attended recently, in several ways. The conference was held in Bali and its scope included ethics, minorities and reporting in conflict zones. I spoke, briefly, about how the internet is profoundly changing the delivery of news, how people find and keep up to date with news, who gathers news and how.