Let’s bring UX design to the news experience

I read a great post by Jared Spool this morning on ‘The curse of a mobile strategy’. The killer pull-out quote for me is this one: The problem with a mobile strategy is it’s about the medium of delivery, not what is being delivered. It focuses on the technology questions. Do we build a native app or a web-based […]

Canadian court rules that posting hyperlink ‘doesn’t constitute publishing defamation’

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that posting a hyperlink to defamatory material does not constitute publishing the defamation: In its unanimous decision to dismiss the [Crookes vs Newton] case, the court said a hyperlink, by itself, should never be considered “publication” of the content to which it refers. But that doesn’t mean internet […]

Hot metal: old films about how newspapers were made

There’s something irresistible about the old print industry footage kicking around on YouTube. These are from the 1950s. Making a newspaper Perfect if you want to know what ‘the stone’ looked like and where the term proofreading came from. https://youtu.be/G8cCS3o62iI ‘Public opinion in a Democracy’