The Register of Pecuniary Interests

The Register of Pecuniary Interests lists the financial assets (such as houses, farms and superannuation schemes) and debts (such as mortgages and loans) of New Zealand’s Members of Parliament. It’s updated each year. It feels slightly prurient (albeit fascinating) reading the Register but it’s a necessary tool that allows we, the people, to satisfy ourselves whether our representatives […]

Map of New Zealand’s Māori Iwi (tribes)

This map shows the tribal boundaries of New Zealand’s Māori Iwi (tribes). The map is from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise‘s rather good Māori Cultural Kit for people wanting to do business with Māori organisations. The kit is available online, as a PDF and as an iPhone app. You might also want to check out: […]

Serendip-o-matic led me to these gorgeous images of early New Zealand

Happy to say that some particularly charming results meant I spent more time on Serendip-o-matic than I initially expected. It works like this. Punch in some text – anything you like: a word, phrase, thesis, blog post, essay – and Serendip-o-matic will grab some keywords from your text and run a search on museum, library and […]

Diagram of NZ security & intelligence services oversight

While doing some catch-up reading on submissions to the Intelligence and Security Committee on the powers of the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), I came across this chart on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.   It depicts lines of accountability and which roles/committees are operational, decision makers, and monitors.