Let’s bring UX design to the news experience

I read a great post by Jared Spool this morning on ‘The curse of a mobile strategy’. The killer pull-out quote for me is this one: The problem with a mobile strategy is it’s about the medium of delivery, not what is being delivered. It focuses on the technology questions. Do we build a native app or a web-based […]

What to ask an expert when evaluating scientific research

Five questions to ask experts when you’re evaluating scientific research for a news story. They come from the excellent Desk Guide for Covering Science, which is published by the Science Media Centre New Zealand and free to download. How does this study compare with others that have come before? How does it add to or […]

Paul Lewis on two persuasive examples of the value of crowdsourcing news

A couple of persuasive examples of the power of crowdsourcing in journalism from Guardian Special Projects Editor Paul Lewis. He talks about how Twitter and other social media helped him find witnesses to the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during riots in London and track down passengers on the aircraft Jimmy Mubenga died on […]

‘Website is where Al Jazeera audience comes for in-depth coverage

‘ Robert Hernandez has a Q&A up on his blog with Al Jazeera online producer Bilal Randeree. Hernandez introduces the piece thus: Without a doubt, the leading news organization covering the historic Middle East unrest is Al Jazeera. Available in limited markets here, their website has been the home for its impressive coverage. “We had figures […]

‘How to do long-form journalism: gather big-name writers and immerse them in social media’

For those interested in the future of long-form journalism and public affairs reporting, a good post this week on the Nieman Lab blog from Lois Beckett. It reports on a conversation held at Berkeley School of Journalism between former New York Times Magazine editor Gerald Marzorati and author and former New Yorker writer Mark Danner. It notes that […]