Happy to say that some particularly charming results meant I spent more time on Serendip-o-matic than I initially expected. It works like this. Punch in some text – anything you like: a word, phrase, thesis, blog post, essay – and Serendip-o-matic will grab some keywords from your text and run a search on museum, library and image databases.

My first search – a couple of paragraphs from a recent blog post – led me to these gorgeous images taken during Reverend Arthur Trengrove’s trip to New Zealand around the end of the 19th century. The images are homed on the State Library of South Australia website.

Serendip-o-matic is a little rough and ready – it was built as part of One Week/One Tool – but I really like what it does. So, thanks!

ALL IMAGES: Records of the Reverend Arthur M. Trengove comprising lantern slides and glass plate negatives documenting a trip to New Zealand. scenes of New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Pohutu and the Wairoa geyser | State Library of South Australia.

Rev Trengrove 1890-1915 Canoe


Rev Trengrove 1890-1915 Haka


Rev Trenbridge 1890-1915 Geyser


Rev Trengrove 1890-1915 Wharenui


Rev Trenbridge 1890-1915 Ti-Kouka