‘Readers with more mobile devices stay subscribed longer’

This is an old post but I’m leaving it here for the hell of it. Failed links have been updated (where possible) or removed.

A couple of interesting notes in Sarah Marshall’s journalism.co.uk coverage of the 2013  Mobile Media Strategies conference in London. She quotes Chris Duncan, customer sales director at News UK, which owns The Sun and The Times. He said:

  • 67 per cent of sales completed on mobile devices, with a 50:50 split between those signing up on a smartphone and those using a tablet
  • “Actively encourage people to use as many devices as possible… The more devices people use, the less likely they are to churn.”
  • Track customer engagement to spot if readers are likely to cancel a subscription. If they see dwell time reducing, “they are at risk of churn”.
  • Newsletter bulletins sent by email result in a spike in traffic from mobile.

Read the rest of Sarah’s piece here.