Nice piece on Fast Company about Knight Foundation CEO and President Alberto Ibargüen. It was he who launched the Knight News Challenge.

“Rules get in the way.

“This was the guiding principle under which John S. and James L. Knight Foundation CEO and president Alberto Ibargüen launched the Knight News Challenge seven years ago, a contest that has vastly amplified the influence of the 73-year-old foundation, which is dedicated to funding and promoting innovation in journalism.

“Eric Newton, an advisor at the foundation, remembers walking into Ibargüen’s office seven years ago to talk about rules and conditions for the fledgling contest, which was Ibargüen’s idea. Here’s how Newton remembers the exchange they had:

“Alberto took the memo, and without looking at it, put it face down on the table and said, ‘I don’t want any rules. Because if we make rules, we’ll get all the people we know already applying, with ideas that match our idea of what the future of news should be. The whole point of the News Challenge is to bring in all those people and ideas out there that we don’t know anything about.’ And it did.”

Read the rest of the piece, by Adrienne LaFrance.