‘Everything is a remix’ and other thoughts on innovation

Below are videos from a four-part series on innovation and remixing by Kirby Ferguson called ‘Everything is a Remix‘. I came across them via Idealog on Facebook.

In the videos, Ferguson walks through the evolution of ideas and art ranging from the Apple Macintosh to Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. I’ve come across many of these ideas before – and Ferguson includes a list of references which include books by Lawrence Lessig, Clay Shirky and Malcolm Gladwell along with video clips – but it’s really nice to see some of this stuff in technicolour.

The videos are nicely done, as is Ferguson’s site which lists the tools he uses, samples, and references. And I like the way his videos tie in with the ideas in a recent post on innovation (based on themes from The Medici Effect).

You can subscribe to Ferguson’s video feed here, follow him on Twitter, and bung him some dollars here to help him pay his bills while he’s making these videos.

He has a newsletter too, which you can subscribe to here.

You might also want to see Ferguson’s own evolution as a videographer/storyteller on his Vimeo page. Here’s one of his from four years ago – it’s all about lists.