Did I just see a rumour of journalists go by?

A while back on Twitter I asked if anyone knew a collective noun for journalists other than ‘pack’. I was so taken with the replies that I thought I’d give them another airing here.

In no particular order, and for the most part fitting into the sentence “I just came across a _______ of journalists”, here they are:

rumour (@ricerboy)

quotient (@littlehigh)

press (@MrCompton)

hubbub (@MrCompton)

inquisition (@MrCompton)

germ (@obzcure)

the journalati (@TimDNorris)

gross (@kalena)

newsroom (@vodafonenz)

bar (@vodafonenz)

bludgeon (@vodafonenz)

gallery (@vodafonenz)

galley (@vodafonenz)

jaundice (@chelfyn)

typecast (@wasabicube)

scoop (@roho)


gaggle (@araneanz)

beat up .. as in a beat up of journalists covering a round (@samfarrow)

Feedback via Twitter has so far resulted in three votes for a ‘rumour’ of journalists and one for a ‘scoop’.