Curated content

My posts are generally based on published or public information from websites, press releases, blogs, books, datasets, and government agencies.

If I’m using a substantial chunk of the information, I say where it comes from and link to the source.

If I’m quoting small pieces of information or speech, I reference the source in the text like this:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, the moon said in a press release.

“We never thought we’d get so high.” – Astro Naut, The Moon Landing.

The car was out of control, police said on RNZ’s Morning Report programme.

Where possible, I link to the source so you can see it for yourself.

In the case of a physical source, such as a book, I link to the book on Amazon or Fishpond or similar.

Re-use content

If I’m using someone else’s work that they’ve licensed for re-use, I say so in the post, note the copyright on it, and link to the original work.

Occasionally I’ll publish a whole press release or similar from an official public agency such as Statistics NZ. In that case, I say so in the post, note the copyright and link to the original material online.

Where possible I also link to the original copyright statement, so you can see it for yourself.

If you want to re-use this kind of content, you need to check and respect the terms of the original copyright licence.

Original content

Any original content that I post on Evolving Newsroom is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License.

That means you can use/adapt it on your own site, even commercially, so long as you publish under the same licence and add a courtesy link back here.

Occasionally I’ll publish a particular post or piece of work under a different copyright licence, which will be noted in the post.