Tools and guides that I find useful

Design Tool for Non-Designers Canva makes it simple to create headers and visual elements for websites, social media pages, and a whole lot of other things. Design Guide I like this Pixel Perfect Guide to digital design principles by UsTwo. Useful reading + rules of thumb. Image sizing TinyPNG is a free web-based service that shrinks […]

A simple web-to-print workflow using Google Docs, WordPress and InDesign

An interesting video explains a simple web-to-print workflow used by the Bangor Daily News (Maine, US). Thanks to William P Davis, online editor for, for sharing it on Screenr. The reporters write in Google Docs using a very simple markup to indicate a headline. Editors use Comments for notes about accompanying images, points to […]

The beauty of checklists

I enjoyed The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, a surgeon and New Yorker writer who previously wrote a notable piece about finding that more expensive healthcare wasn’t necessarily better healthcare. He’s written a whole lot more since then. The premise of The Checklist Manifesto is that a simple (but well devised) checklist is perhaps the best tool we […]