On being careful with browser extensions

From a Mike O’Donnell column on stuff.co.nz, some sage advice on being careful with browser add-ons and extensions: 1. If you start seeing weird or inappropriate ads on websites there’s a fair chance you’ve been targeted. You should go to your “options” menu in Internet Explorer (or “extensions” in Chrome) and disable recent extensions.   2. […]

Back doors, mobile phones, persuasion: the NSA does it all

The headlines about the NSA just keep on coming… N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption | NY Times The National Security Agency is winning its long-running secret war on encryption, using supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders and behind-the-scenes persuasion to undermine the major tools protecting the privacy of everyday communications in the Internet age, according to newly disclosed […]

How journalists can protect their data and sources

1. Use threat modelling to understand your assets and risks The concept of threat modelling is a useful one. It’s about understanding what assets you have that need protecting, and what risk there is of them coming under attack. The Committee to Protect Journalist’s Journalist Security Guide is a highly useful resource. It recommends you start by understanding your assets […]