‘A New York Times story is tweeted every 4 seconds’

New York Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger gave a speech a few days ago at Polis LSE, which Charlie Beckett kindly posted in full. In it, Sulzberger talks about why the NY Times (which recently said it now has 325,000 digital subscribers) is engaging with its readers. The main Facebook page of The New York Times […]

Canadian court rules that posting hyperlink ‘doesn’t constitute publishing defamation’

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that posting a hyperlink to defamatory material does not constitute publishing the defamation: In its unanimous decision to dismiss the [Crookes vs Newton] case, the court said a hyperlink, by itself, should never be considered “publication” of the content to which it refers. But that doesn’t mean internet […]

‘Everything is a remix’ and other thoughts on innovation

Below are videos from a four-part series on innovation and remixing by Kirby Ferguson called ‘Everything is a Remix‘. I came across them via Idealog on Facebook. In the videos, Ferguson walks through the evolution of ideas and art ranging from the Apple Macintosh to Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. I’ve come across many of these ideas […]

‘He said, she said’ journalism

I enjoyed this post from Margaret Simons on Crikey about the gloom brought upon us by ‘he said, she said’ journalism – particularly in politics. “Last week I was driving home when I heard a report on ABC radio about the Climate Change Commission report. The report began by telling me that the government and […]

Analytics for journalists

I’m pulling together a few resources for journalists who are new to the web and in particular new to analytics. I like this slide show: Introduction to Web Analytics for Journalists from Patrick Glinski I’m also using… Reuben Schwarz’s Six Rootin Tootin Myths About Analytics (which is highly readable and based on his experience at […]

‘Website is where Al Jazeera audience comes for in-depth coverage

‘ Robert Hernandez has a Q&A up on his blog with Al Jazeera online producer Bilal Randeree. Hernandez introduces the piece thus: Without a doubt, the leading news organization covering the historic Middle East unrest is Al Jazeera. Available in limited markets here, their website has been the home for its impressive coverage. “We had figures […]