NZ Online Media Standards Authority opens for business

New Zealand’s Online Media Standards Authority opened for business from Monday July 1, 2013. The authority hears complaints from members of the public about any news and current affairs content published online by its members that the person complaining believes breaches the OMSA’s standards. The standards include Accuracy, Balance, Fairness, Discrimination, Privacy and Responsibility. Its founding members were: […]

Intrigued by idea of being able to see what people around me are reading

I find this a really interesting idea. Kon*Fab has won Knight Foundation Prototype Fund money to build an app that lets you see what stories people sitting near you are tweeting. Let’s say you’re … in the coffee shop — if you opened up Kon*Fab, the app will present you with a selection of stories […]

“Search engines have conditioned students to expect to be able to find information quickly and easily”

Below are the main points highlighted in a Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project survey of US teachers about How Teens Do Research in the Digital World. Access a wider range of resources Virtually all (99%) AP and NWP teachers in this study agree with the notion that “the internet enables students to access a […]

“Many news organizations still appear to treat social packaging and distribution as an afterthought”

A couple of takeaways from Adrienne LaFrance’s piece on Nieman Lab about Upworthy. The first is that “online packaging and distribution are as important as having quality content in the first place”. But many news organizations still appear to treat social packaging and distribution as an afterthought. You spend days reporting and writing a story, […]

Paul Lewis on two persuasive examples of the value of crowdsourcing news

A couple of persuasive examples of the power of crowdsourcing in journalism from Guardian Special Projects Editor Paul Lewis. He talks about how Twitter and other social media helped him find witnesses to the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during riots in London and track down passengers on the aircraft Jimmy Mubenga died on […]

Ten tips for kick-starting a malnourished news website (2011)

We can’t all be the New York Times or the Guardian. Many smaller newspaper newsrooms are still grappling with the basics of how to get their websites moving given a small staff, lack of digital expertise and uncertainty over revenue opportunities. Sometimes there’s no real will among managers for the task. But even when there […]