‘If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s’

Three takeaways from Jeff Bezos’s meetings with staff at the Washington Post (2013). Bezos, founder of Amazon, agreed to buy the Washington Post for US$250m. Asked how he would define success, Bezos replied: growth. Continuing to contract by cutting the staff would lead to extinction, he said, “or, at best, irrelevance.” “All businesses need to be young […]

Demanding readers require you to deliver more under a paywall

A couple of takeaways from Sim Ahmed’s StopPress wrap on the financial challenges facing New Zealand’s news companies. I really like NBR publisher Todd Scott’s line on paywalls: People are willing to pay for quality content. However, there’s an expectation from the readers that’s very demanding. Companies shouldn’t get involved with paywalls if they’re not […]

Huffington Post puts a stop to anonymous comments

Huffington Post is changing its commenting policy, putting an end to anonymous accounts and requiring users to be ‘verified internally’. As of next month, Huffington Post users won’t be able to create anonymous accounts to post on the site; going forward, their identities will have to be verified internally. HuffPost recognizes that many people are […]

Quartz lets you add comments alongside paragraphs in story margin

Nice. Quartz launched a new take on comments, allowing readers to add ‘annotations’ in the margins of their stories – at paragraph level. Love this idea way more than comments stuck in a block way down the bottom of a story. “With annotations, you can now add to Quartz stories on the level of individual paragraphs. Just […]

How contests can improve philanthropy: Knight

There’s a nice interactive piece from the Knight Foundation explaining why contests like its News Challenge are a great way for philanthropic organisations to meet new people and find projects they would never have thought of themselves. The piece notes some of the world’s most useful discoveries arose through contests – determining longitude of a […]