Bring back Dougal Stevenson

Every now and then I get an urge to create a Facebook group or something to campaign to bring back Dougal Stevenson. He was a TV newsreader in my youth, one of several with similar qualities.

Dougal Stevenson didn’t smile and joke with an attractive sidekick to let me know when the story was light, or grimace to let me know the story was serious, or banter with a cheeky weather presenter or get matey with the sports guy (and pretend to know about sport).

He just read the news, dispassionately, from a piece of paper while two or three images were displayed behind him. More please.

Here he is:

Thanks to CedricRusty for bringing Dougal Stevenson to YouTube.

2 replies on “Bring back Dougal Stevenson”

  1. I agree! who cares what the newsreaders think about the news, let alone share their political opinions or persuasions….and soon you will be able to see more retro television on currently in development.

  2. That will be great to have more retro television at my fingertips. Looking forward to it.

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