From a Mike O’Donnell column on, some sage advice on being careful with browser add-ons and extensions:

1. If you start seeing weird or inappropriate ads on websites there’s a fair chance you’ve been targeted. You should go to your “options” menu in Internet Explorer (or “extensions” in Chrome) and disable recent extensions.


2. If you get an email inviting you to install a browser extension or a new Flash player, be wary.

You should Google the title text from the request to find out if it is associated with a scam before proceeding.

3. You should only install browser extensions from known companies like Google and Mozilla – this means going to the vendor’s website and installing directly from there (and reading reviews first).

4. There is a bunch of good free PC check-up programmes you can run your lappie or desktop computer through – Bellguard Internet Security and Microsoft Security Essentials are a good place to start.

Read more about some of the scams and the rest of Mike’s column here.