Tools and guides that I find useful

Design Tool for Non-Designers Canva makes it simple to create headers and visual elements for websites, social media pages, and a whole lot of other things. Design Guide I like this Pixel Perfect Guide to digital design principles by UsTwo. Useful reading + rules of thumb. Image sizing TinyPNG is a free web-based service that shrinks […]

Find out what’s happening in New Zealand’s Parliament

Here are a few ways to keep track of what’s happening in New Zealand’s Parliament. When Parliament is Sitting publishes a Parliamentary Calendar (pdf and text) showing the days MPs will be ‘sitting’ in the Debating Chamber. Generally Parliament will sit on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm to 6pm and 7.30pm to […]

On which vs that and who vs whom

At one time I worked as a newspaper sub-editor. The job’s occupational hazards included getting involved in conversations about the correctness of certain kinds of punctuation, the usage of which vs that and who vs whom, and devilish subjects like the subjunctive mood and whether or not ‘internet’ should take a capital I. Those conversations are mercifully […]

Most detailed map of our universe

Fascinating video from Nature of how scientists have mapped our universe and shown where Earth fits into it. (Link came via I grabbed the video from YouTube: “Superclusters – regions of space that are densely packed with galaxies – are the biggest structures in the Universe. But scientists have struggled to define exactly where […]