Tools & Guides

A few tools, people and guides that I find useful.


Design Guide

I like this Pixel Perfect Guide to digital design principles by UsTwo. Useful reading + rules of thumb.[/twocol_one]


Image sizing

TinyPNG is a free web-based service that shrinks PNG files to a size suitable for posting online. They smoodge JPGs now too. Just brilliant.[/twocol_one_last]


Image Editing

Pic Monkey is a fantastic freemium web-based photo editing service. Super easy to use. Invaluable.[/twocol_one]


Guide to Local Government

A guide for journalists (or anyone, really) on how local government works in New Zealand. Published each year by the Local Government Association.[/twocol_one_last]


Down for Everyone?

Find out whether a website that won’t load is Down for Everyone or Just Me.[/twocol_one]


Inflation Calculator

Use the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Inflation Calculator to see what $x now would have bought you in the past.[/twocol_one_last]


Embeddable Timelines

TimelineJS is an open source tool that lets you create “visually-rich interactive timelines in 40 languages.” Created by the Knight Lab.[/twocol_one]


Stats Chat

Stats Chat does a great job checking headlines and numerical and statistical claims made in news stories for accuracy. Essential reading alongside NZ journalism.

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