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I love good data visualisations and look forward to seeing them used more often on news sites.

I was delighted to come across the other day via a link to this visualisation of people tweeting about President Obama’s inauguration.

Visualisation of Inauguration Tweets

Flowing Data posts about all manner of data projects and visualisations. A good starting point may be a post on their top 5 data visualisations for 2008, which were:

1. Britain From Above
2. I Want You to Want Me
3. and Movie Box Office Streamgraphs
4. Radiohead “House of Cards” Music Video
5. Decision Tree: The Obama-Clinton Divide

The post starts with this:

Data visualization continues to grow online and in the real world. It exists as masterful art pieces and amazingly useful analysis tools. In both cases though it brings data — which is oftentimes cryptic — to the masses and shows that data is more than a bucket of numbers. Data is interesting. As we collect more and more data about ourselves and our surroundings, the data and the visualization will only get more interesting. On that note, I give you FlowingData’s picks for the top 5 data visualization projects of 2008. Visualizations were judged based on the use of data, aesthetics, overall effect on the visualization arena, and how well they told a story.

Read the rest here.

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