Loving the look of Storify

I’ve just requested an invite to Storify, an app that lets you tell stories using material gathered on social media. I’d heard about it briefly a couple of times then came across a post from Ryan Sholin talking about his experiments with it and followed a link to Megan Garber’s story about it on Nieman Lab’s blog.

Megan describes Storify thus: “Founded by Burt Herman (a former AP reporter and founder of the journotech meetup group Hacks/Hackers) and developer/entrepreneur Xavier Damman, the platform promises a new way to leverage the real-time power of social media for creating stories. It’s doubling down on the increasingly common assumption that the future of news will demand curation on the part of news producers.”

Then she tells the rest of the story using Storify (first acknowledging that the app’s still in closed beta):

And this is an experimental story that Ryan Sholin posted about the weather:

Cool huh.