Links: China Daily hits Europe and the Washington Post, new ABCs for the UK, and a ‘Facebook’ newspaper

United Kingdom: China Daily Launches European Edition


China Daily, China’s leading English-language newspaper, will appear as a new weekly edition on UK news stands from 3 December. The European edition will be distributed in the UK and from Brussels, building on China Daily’s aspiration to be a newspaper which provides a window for China to understand and be understood by the world. It will cover politics, business, culture and society, delivering in-depth and intelligent analysis of news and issues of interest to both European and Chinese reader

State-run papers from China and Russia buy convincing advertorial sections on the WaPo’s website

Nieman Lab | Laura McGann

Clicking around the Washington Post, you stumble onto the types of stories you’d expect a national newspaper to cover, like “Judges free homeowners from foreclosure mess” or “Obama reaches out in Indonesia.” But then you might come across something like “A panda dream that comes true,” a story about young people from around the world becoming “pandassadors” on a panda breeding reserve in China. One of those stories is just not quite like the others. And there’s a good reason. The “pandassador” story wasn’t written or edited by anyone at the Post, but, instead, by China’s state-run English language newspaper, China Daily.

The Washington Post hosts a “paid supplement” section called China Watch on its domain ( On the right-hand side of the China Watch logo appears the tagline “a Paid Supplement to The Washington Post.” But beyond that line, there are few visual clues that the stories aren’t written or edited by the Post.

PostPost: A Facebook Newspaper With a Flipboard Feel

Mashable | Christina Warren

Data management and rapid application deployment solutions company TigerLogic has just launched PostPost, a real-time “social newspaper” that’s created from the links, photos and videos your friends share on Facebook. In essence, what PostPost does is take your FacebookFacebook newsfeed, but presents it in a way that is more manageable. PostPost also uses the Yolink search API to help you find context and backlinks within your paper.

Al-Jazeera to broadcast in India

Guardian | Greenslade

Al-Jazeera English has been granted a licence to broadcast in India by the country’s information and broadcasting ministry. “This is an exciting breakthrough that has been in the works for several years,” said Al Anstey, the channel’s managing director. “We know there is a great demand for our award-winning content.”

UK: New ABC certificate for magazines will show digital editions alongside print circulation


ABC announced that it has agreed new Reporting Standards that will allow publishers to present both print and digital editions on one certificate.This offers more flexibility to publishers in how they can claim digital editions. The new Cross Platform Certificate of Circulation enables publishers to provide a single view of their circulation figures. This includes the circulation of digital editions of magazines designed especially for mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad.

Greece: Daily newspaper To Vima shuts down


One of the most important Greek daily newspapers, To Vima (To BHMA) has closed last Saturday November 27, 2010, reported the sites Greek Reporter and Business Week. One of the reasons is the economic crisis and the whole economic situation of the country. Additionally, an editorial published by To Vima, said that on Friday November 26, the print issue was read by 10’000 readers while it received 85’000 online visitors. The online version will stay offering some free applications and website’s articles; however the full digital version will be charged.

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