Job prospects for new journalists? Low-ish, according to app

A sobering picture of becoming a journalist in this screengrab from the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s career-planning app Occupation Outlook.

Journalists' Prospect MBIE App

Why the lowish-looking job prospects for journalists in New Zealand? Because: competition for few vacancies.

Chances of getting a job as a journalist have improved, due to higher turnover in the industry and major changes in the way the industry is structured, but prospects are still limited because of high competition for few vacancies. Chances of promotion have also improved, with many more senior positions available than used to be the case.

The brightest prospects (and most expensive to study) include veterinarian, doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, psychologist, accountant and environmental scientist.

Environmental Scientists' Prospects

The Occupation Outlook app was launched by MBIE earlier this year. Here’s the MBIE blurb:

Occupation Outlook is a great place to look when thinking about your study and career options. It contains education, employment and income information on 50 key occupations in New Zealand to give you a clearer picture of possible career paths. These 50 were chosen for their size, popularity, and potential for future growth.

You’ll find the link for the app (iTunes or Google Play) here.

Below is the page about journalism that appears in the app.

MBIE Occupation Outlook: Journalists