I’m Julie Starr. For a long time I worked in the news business. Newspapers, mostly. A journalist first, then on up to chief sub-editor, and finally newsroom transformations (moving people, products and processes from print to digital). I’ve since translated that news experience into a wider skillset and taken on all manner of projects.

Since I’m no longer caught up in the daily news grind, I’m free to pursue whatever obsessions loom largest at any given time (space industry, python, chatbots at the moment). That freedom to read whatever I want (and not be required to read all ‘the news’ every day) is perhaps the single most liberating thing about not being a journalist. Who knew?

I still find myself thinking a lot about how news might evolve, though, and sometimes those ideas end up here. I’m a perpetual student of technology and ideas, and some of that thinking ends up here too. I also try out workflows and otherwise just dump things here that interest me.